Businesses face various issues that challenge not only the success of the business, but also the relationship between owners and partners. This includes tax liability, debt, financial irregularities, economic recessions and lawsuits, among many other challenges. In some instances, the result is a business divorce.

Whether you are actively preparing to break up the business or anticipating the future possibility, an experienced Atlanta business divorce attorney can guide you through the process. With several decades of legal knowledge to draw upon, our lawyers can provide valuable insight and strong representation through the entire process.

At Friedman, Dever & Merlin, we understand that the potential of a business divorce can be stressful emotionally and financially. We will:

  • Take the time to fully understand your needs and goals
  • Formulate a plan that anticipates obstacles to reach a resolution quickly and cost-effectively
  • Help resolve disputes or litigation effectively when your goal is to prevent divorce or dissolution

Even at the end of a business relationship, it is crucial that daily activities proceed unencumbered. Trust us to ensure that you will proceed through the legal process in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.


When facing a partnership dissolution or a business divorce, it is not uncommon for the proceedings to become heated. Whether this is driven by emotions, perceived slights or disagreements about the proceedings themselves, it is crucial to have a skilled attorney guiding the legal process. We have a long history of representing clients throughout Georgia and the Southeast.

Often, it is necessary to work with industry experts or forensic accountants to ensure the accuracy of all information. Throughout our history, we have built partnerships with individuals who can provide valuable insight and clear direction.

If you are considering business divorce, it is wise to discuss the matter with an attorney at the earliest stage possible. Schedule a consultation at our firm by calling or completing our convenient online contact form.


At Friedman, Dever & Merlin, we encourage you to meet with us to discuss your current and future legal needs. We encourage you to call us at 404-236-8600 or send us a confidential email to schedule your consultation with a lawyer.

Although our office is in Atlanta, we know that business happens everywhere. We are able to accommodate your company’s legal needs whether they arise in Georgia or elsewhere.